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Employing the concepts of redesign and staging as featured on HGTV

Home Restyling Refreshes Homes Bend Oregon

Chic Shanties offers restyling design services to create a fresh new look for your home. We believe that your home should be a place where you find relaxation, connection and pleasure. In order to create that space, we begin by gathering information about the atmosphere you want for your home, such as an inviting living room, productive home office, romantic bedroom or spa-like bathroom. Then, by re-arranging your furniture, re-grouping art, infusing textures, accessories and lighting, we can transform your rooms into spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Restyling can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time, and is very affordable and eco-friendly because we simply re-purpose your belongings! While your home is being restyled, we encourage you to spend the day away as the makeover work is carried out. Upon returning, you can experience the “wow factor”.

Chic Shanties consultation service is the place to begin. For further details on restyling please refer to our pricing guide on the right.

Home Staging Sells Homes Bend Oregon

The Real Estate Market today is very competitive and buyers expect a home to be move-in ready. Investing in professional staging has proven to give property an edge over other comparable listings. Professionally prepared properties sell more quickly for maximum return. Staging is the art of creating an inviting home setting that evokes an emotional connection for the buyer and helps them see the potential of the home.

Chic Shanties staging service will streamline the decor, create a spacious feeling and showcase the highlights and attributes of the property. Your home will be more organized and easy to prepare for those last minute showings, there by, enhancing your day-to-day living while you are in the process of selling.  Your staged home will make a lasting first impression.

Chic Shanties readies a home by staging the property with the homeowners existing furniture, artwork and accessories. If additional accents are needed, they can be acquired through our rental inventory or by purchasing within a defined budget. When a home is vacant, we will arrange for the seller to rent or purchase furnishings.  Our staging redesign is planned to appeal to an extensive number of potential buyers by designing a space in which they can picture themselves living.  Agents are much more comfortable marketing, promoting and showing a listing that has been staged. Because of this, staged property will be shown more often, and with confidence.

Chic Shanties consultation service is the place to begin.  For details on staging please refer to our pricing guide.

It’s all about curb appeal and pizzazz whether you’re staging or restyling….we’ll help you unveil it!

Home Staging - We work by the hour, room or entire project Bend Oregon

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